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About Dr. Laci Namken

Dr. Laci Namken graduated in 2010 with her Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Management from Bellevue University. She went on to study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and completed her Masters in Audiology in 2013 and received her Doctorate in Audiology in 2014. She has previously worked at the Omaha VA and has training in tinnitus management solutions.

As an audiologist, her passion is helping people overcome the challenges of hearing loss and tinnitus as well as spread awareness of the importance of hearing protection from loud noises. She is dedicated to improving quality of life that hearing impairment can impact.

Audiologist vs Hearing Instrument Specialist


  • Doctorate-level degree from an accredited university (8 years of post-secondary education)
  • Training is focused on the medical, diagnostic and rehabilitative aspects of hearing loss and balance which includes, but is not limited to, hearing aids and other technological devices.
  • To be licensed, must pass a national, standardized exam and the completion of over 2000 hours of supervised clinical experience prior to applying for licensure by the state.

Hearing Instrument Specialist

  • In Nebraska, requires only a high school degree or equivalent and a score of 70% or better on basic written and practical examination
  • Trained to perform basic hearing testing solely for selling hearing aids

In Nebraska, a person can purchase hearing aids from two different types of providers: Audiologists or Hearing Instrument Specialists (Hearing Aid Dealers). Both are trained to fit hearing aids but the formal education and training that is required for each is significantly different.
At Heartland Audiology, Dr. Namken is a nationally-certified, university-trained doctor of audiology. She will provide you with a more comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan than anywhere else in Fremont. In addition, you can have all of your hearing healthcare needs met in one location as she has partnered with Dr. Timothy Kuo, a board-certified ear, nose and throat physician.

Dr. Laci Namken
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Heartland Audiology is the only hearing aid clinic in Fremont, Nebraska which is physician-directed and where you can receive all of your hearing needs in one location. We offer the most trusted, experienced and most comprehensive treatment of hearing disorders in the Fremont area.

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